Will Metacade reach $0.05 after listing on Uniswap?

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The Metacade pre-sale stage is finally over, and the cryptocurrency is now available to the general public. Metacade was able to raise more than $16 million during its presale, and the development team will use the funds to roll out some features and products within the ecosystem.

MCADE was listed on the Uniswap exchange on April 6th and is set to list on two more exchanges before the end of the month. With such high-profile listings, it is interesting to look at MCADE’s price potential over the next few weeks and months.

Will Metacade reach $0.05?

MCADE was listed on Uniswap decentralised exchange on April 6th and was trading at $0.01614 at the time. Since then, MCADE has rallied by more than 10% and is now trading at $0.01866.

The listing on Uniswap has had a positive impact on MCADE over the past few days. MCADE could be targeting the $0.05 mark in the near term as the token would soon be listed on two major centralised exchanges, Bitmart and MEXC. 

Bitmart is a Singapore-based crypto exchange and currently operates in more than 180 countries globally. Its global outreach means that MCADE will soon be available to more users. 

MEXC is one of the top 15 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with a trading volume above $700 million. MCADE will list on Bitmart on April 16 and on MEXC on April 30th. The listing of MCADE on these two exchanges could impact the token’s price and see it surge toward the $0.05 level in the near term. 

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a gaming platform that is housed by the Ethereum network. As a community-driven project, Metacade seeks to revolutionised the P2E ecosystem, ensuring that users get to enjoy the Web3 ecosystem.

With the pre-sale stage now over, Metacade will focus on realising some of the goals mentioned in its whitepaper. Metacade wants to become the ultimate Web3 platform that would empower users to play, connect, build, and earn seamlessly.

The development team also seeks to transition Metacade into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) by next year. Thus, handing over control of the platform to MCADE token holders. 

In terms of how Metacade works, the project seeks to become more than just a P2E game. Metacade is a platform that is home to numerous arcade-style games and gamers.

The team will be organising P2E tournaments and competitions, granting users the opportunity to earn MCADE tokens via these events.

While users can earn income by playing games on Metacade, there are other ways they can make money on the platforms. Token holders and players can stake their MCADE tokens and earn extra income by contributing to the governance of the platform.

Metacade price prediction 2023

Metacade is out of the presale stage and promises some exciting developments over the coming years. The team raised more than $16 million during the pre-sale stage and will use the funds to roll out some exciting features over the next few months. 

In its pre-sale stage, MCADE was trading at $0.02. The token was listed on the Uniswap exchange on April 6th (trading at $0.01614) and is now trading at $0.01866.

The broader crypto market is in a consolidation phase at the moment, with Bitcoin trading around the $28k region in recent weeks. MCADE could reach the $0.1 level before the end of the year if the fundamental conditions of the broader market continue to increase.

Furthermore, MCADE is set to list on Bitmart and MEXC crypto exchanges in April. The token would also list on other cryptocurrency exchanges before the end of the year, which could push its price higher in the next few months. 

Metacade is rolling oy some groundbreaking features over the next few months. These features could help boost MCADE’s price in the short and medium term. 

Should I invest in the MCADE token now?

Despite listing on Uniswap, MCADE is still trading around the region of its pre-sale price. The token could prove to be an excellent investment for investors in the medium and long term thanks to the numerous features and events lined up by the team.

In the near term, MCADE will be listed on Bitmart and MEXC cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing the token to reach thousands of investors and traders globally. The token could also be listed on other cryptocurrency exchanges before the end of the year.

Furthermore, the Metacade team will be building an expansive GameFi platform and would be implementing a unique tokenomics approach per the details published in its whitepaper. 

As the Metacade project continues to grow, MCADE could prove to be an excellent investment to investors. 


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