CHANCER’s presale launches Tuesday and could reignite interest in blockchain-based betting | Invezz

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chancer’s presale launches tuesday and could reignite interest in blockchain-based betting | invezz


Blockchain-based predictive market-making platform Chancer officially launches its token $CHANCER presale on June 13th. To gain an edge in the ever-growing betting market, Chancer wants to do things differently – allowing peer-to-peer creation of betting markets and users to earn in diverse ways. 

Chancer and its unique value proposition

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“Your Game, Your Rules, Your Odds.” This is the main slogan that guides Chancer as it enters the unchartered waters of blockchain-based betting. Once launched, Chancer will be the world’s first decentralized predictive markets app.

Chancer’s unique value proposition lies in its P2P model, which sets it apart from other betting platforms. In the traditional betting sense, bookmakers offer a market for betting and generate odds from competitions. Betters are required to play by the rules of the bookmakers. However, for Chancer, users can create their betting markets for any event, situation, competition, and many more. You could bet that a player will change clubs before the end of the season. Users can also participate in markets created by others.

Essentially, you can launch a personal bet on nearly everything, allowing greater flexibility and inclusivity. The beauty is that the user can let friends or anyone join them in their market and participate in the bet. The advantage of this is that it brings fun while also earning from positive predictions. Users can also confirm their own odds and resolutions that define how the bet will be reviewed. $CHANCER will be the token to power the Chancer platform.

Chancer is a secure, open-source, and decentralized storage medium

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Chancer is a secure blockchain ecosystem built on the BSC Chain. BSC will facilitate secure transactions, coupled with the advantage of low fees for users. The platform runs on a secure proof of stake consensus mechanism. No individual can take control of the network. The censorship resistance feature makes Chancer a highly secure network.

An additional security feature of Chancer is its smart contract functionality. Its smart contracts are thoroughly audited and tested by CertiK to tackle vulnerabilities that could compromise the network. 

Besides, Chancer is an open-source code. Anyone can contribute, review, and propose changes. The feature makes Chancer community-centric. Users can also vote on governance utilizing voice credits on the platform. Chancer also functions as a decentralized storage solution. Data is stored and accessed in a distributed manner building on the platform’s decentralization focus.

Should you invest in $CHANCER?

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Betting has been a major and growing industry. Market reports placed global sports betting, one of the most popular, at a value of $83.65 billion in 2022. The industry is expected to grow by 10.3% from 2023 to 2030. With this trend, it is reasonable to expect a novel platform like Chancer to craft a niche of its own.

Investing in $CHANCER gives investors a chance to earn from token appreciation in value as demand for blockchain-based market predictions grows. 

There are other proprietary ways to earn, like winnings from successful bet outcomes, market making, and staking of the native token $CHANCER. A Share2Earn feature will also generate passive income for investors for sharing the Chancer market. The token use cases and earnings could stimulate demand for $CHANCER and unlock liquidity needed to generate exponential price increases.

How big is $CHANCER’s presale opportunity?

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For any token on presale, the value is always less than it would be after listings on exchanges. Thus, projects with robust value propositions like Chancer could be popular investment opportunities. Such tokens have gone to rise by up to four-digit percentage prices after listings on exchanges. It means $CHANCER can rise up to 10x after it lists on exchanges starting in the third quarter. Investing in the presale means buying low for a chance to ride the price increases.


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