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dogecoin futures liquidations increased to $32.90 million after twitter displayed the token’s logo for users: what does this mean for the future of altsignals?


AltSignals ($ASI) presale is more than 92% sold out. The presale has so far raised $997,833 from the maximum $1.0 million, underlining investors’ interest in the token of an AI trading service platform. As the presale enters the final stages, investors expect the native token to be the first of its kind in the trading world.

The power of AI trading and AltSignals

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Trading has always been a challenging game. Successful traders have mastered the skills and competencies to make the right predictions in the market. Still, they have to battle emotional states and market complexities. AI trading is coming as a solution to these battles of the mind, simplifying the work of professionals. According to a report published by the US SEC in 2020, algorithmic and AI trading has been fueled by investors’ search for execution quality and desire to navigate complex markets.

Launched in 2017 by a team of professional UK traders, AltSignals has grown to become a trusted trading signal service. Over 52,000 traders use the signals generated by the company, with an average of 64% accuracy. The signal service uses the AltAlgo™ trading indicator, which has delivered success so far, with over $2.2 million in revenues. AltSignals is now taking the game higher by adopting artificial intelligence for signal precision and increasing the number of assets it covers. 

ActualizeAI, a new AI-powered trading signal service

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At the heart of AltSignals’ AI trading signal service is ActualizeAI, a new blockchain-powered platform. To become a member of ActualizeAI, one will need to acquire $ASI, the native token, which also confers investors voting rights on the platform. 

ActualizeAI could be a game-changer for AltSignals, given the growing popularity of AI in trading. The company expects to harness the power of machine learning to expertly identify patterns in trading and market data and make more informed trades. ActualizeAI can also use historical data to make future market predictions. 

Sentimental analysis will also be core to ActualizeAI’s predictive modelling. The software can receive multiple information on a financial instrument based on market sentiment, thus allowing the team to validate their trading strategies. 

What value does $ASI offer to investors?

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Since $ASI is the token behind the ActualizeAI platform, it carries value for investors needing quality trading signals to grow their bottom lines. The trading signal service already has a robust and growing community of traders meaning that $ASI has the potential to grow and return big for investors. 

$ASI investors can also access exclusive presale opportunities and participate in trading tournaments to sharpen their skills and win monetary prizes. That includes a chance to belong to the AI Members Club, where investors will be rewarded for contributing to the projects of AltSignals. Ownership of 50,000 $ASI tokens gives the investors a chance to mint an exclusive and valuable access pass for entry into the highest tier of membership. The holders can also participate in the business of AltSignals through a revenue share model on newly launched products.

$ASI prediction ahead of listings on exchanges

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Presale tokens explode after listing on exchanges, with price gains of more than 1,000% within months. While it is difficult to predict how much a token like $ASI can rise once listed, there are notable reasons for investors to expect a potential 10x return.

$ASI has attracted huge demand since the token was open for presale. That’s partly because the token is supported by an existing community of traders that have given it the initial boost. The backing community gives confidence that the token can sustain price increases since it is not driven by hype like meme tokens.

Also, $ASI has a real-world use case, primarily in trading, a much-demanded service. As more investors join the network of traders and the token is open for trading on exchanges, $ASI could skyrocket. Investing in the token at the presale offers a chance to acquire it at a low price for a projected increase in value.


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